havent drawn these two together in awhile :v

havent drawn these two together in awhile :v


My Little Sweetheart 3 is now on sale!

My Little Sweetheart is a collaborative effort among some of the fandom’s talented artists to bring you your favorite ponies re-imagined as sexy humans! We are back for our third book and this time, we’re bigger, with more artist variety!

We have a larger cast of new artists, like Demdoodles, Lizombi, Superkeen, Siden and Holivi, joining old favourites like Atryl and Kloudmutt! The art book features over 50 pinups of your favorite main cast ponies and background characters complete with an additional sketch section by some of the artists in the book!

For only $30 on lulu.com, you will be doing your part to donate all the profits to charity: like in the last artbook, all proceeds will go towards the Lung Cancer Alliance.



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You can also order My Little Sweetheart Too! here!

And you can order My Little Sweetheart (Book 1) here!


My Little Sweetheart 3: Summer Break will be releasing this Sunday, the 24th of August, at 12pm, EST.

This art book features all your favorite girls enjoying fun in the sun for their summer break!

There are over 40 talented artists that have worked on this book:

  • Atryl 
  • Siden 
  • Lizombie 
  • Kloudmutt 
  • Maniac Paint
  • Derpii
  • Holivi
  • Spindles
  • Hinghoi
  • Ric-M
  • Click here to see the full artist lineup for MLS 3!

 Be sure to check in at Confidentially-Cute two days from now!

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commission for this guy


commission for this guy

little gift for Lionalliance :)Anna

little gift for Lionalliance :)

Epsilon Eagle from Alien Soldier never played the game before but the character is cool :P

Epsilon Eagle from Alien Soldier 
never played the game before 
but the character is cool :P

& splinter :P

& splinter :P


Sonic Boom~Sonic & Lyric

Sonic Boom~
Sonic & Lyric